Sunday, 16 September 2012

the last word

there is a gentleman who is always a shade of gray. whose nose is constantly hidden in a folded newspaper. sometimes, when the morning has passed, he takes a snooze in his armchair. customers seem sparse, so maybe that is why his manner seems short. the sunday assistant is no happier though, as she focuses on rolling tobacco or studying her text messages. neither one seems to want to talk about the collection of printed matter that fills their small store.
it would be lovely to take over that space. to transform it into a cavern for storytelling and a selection of carefully curated books. a space that nova scotia would treasure.

.two sugar biscuits and two saturday finds at the last word bookstore. a biography of muhammad ali, and salvador by the remarkable joan didion.

.teepee adventures for cc. he never tires of hiding inside it or chasing his pa all around it.

.some goodnight stars from this lovely book, and the antique signature of a previous mabel owner from eighty years ago.

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