Tuesday, 25 September 2012

sleepy days

these days are sleepy ones. no matter how much rest night brings, it somehow never seems enough. cc's pa is off work until tomorrow so it has been wonderful to snooze on the settee while him and cc are outside together in the yard. the tck tck sound of digging and cc's constant natterings waft in through the back door. today is our eighth wedding anniversary. we toasted it with two cups of smokey tea and chicken sandwiches around the kitchen table. cc cheered as we promised to take him to nevada one day and show him where his mama and dadda wed.

.cc's vintage, slightly mismatched, handsome brogues
.stacks of handmade tiles created during my nights at the turnstile pottery co-op.
.cc and his pa by a lovely old home at peggy's cove yesterday.

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