Saturday, 22 September 2012

from america

cc's pa rented an automobile this week and drove us to america to stay with his family. the thunder storms and brutal winds made us lose our way a little, taking us to dead-ends and down stoney, dark tracks. cc snoozed his way through customs and awoke so delighted when we finally arrived, calling 'grandma grandpa grandma grandpa' non-stop during our four day stay.
cc's grandpa turned soft toys and socks into talking hand puppets, and made cc laugh 'til his dimples showed. his grandma read him endless storybooks and helped teach him many new words. cc's pa drove us all around the area, through indian nature reserves, to the seaside, and then today all the way back home. tuning in to jimmy dean's big bad john on the radio, his pa hummed away as cc continued to chant 'grandma grandpa' right up to mabel's front door.

.cc and his pa beside an old waterfront building in the rain this morning in downtown eastport.
.twirling around in his soft angora hat, before sharing a cinnamon bun in the town bakery.
.reading grandma's dr seuss storybook on the way to the beach.

farewell america. we hope to see you again soon.

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