Sunday, 9 September 2012

cc's space

mabel's master bedroom is cc's own space.
tucked away at the back of the house, far from the motorcars and hustle on the street. he still sleeps in his wooden, drop side cot, that nestles in the corner. the storybooks and toys he treasures so much are stored in his room too, together with handwritten notes sent to him and sepia images of his ancestors.

.a blackboard painted onto his bedroom wall. framed in silver paint and topped with special cuttings and miniature bunting made by friends last christmas.

.cuttings include a note from cc's grandpa, some of his artworks, and copies of pinhole photographs by the talented wolf howard.

.a new bowler hat and moustache for cc's great grandpa george.

.his reading corner stacked with well thumbed tales. the wooden bookshelves were in the basement when we moved in. the rocking chair came from cc's grandparents in devon.

.cc's brown suede moccasins, dark gray chalk and his vintage ladybird book what to see in autumn.

(cc's pa took him out for a sunday stroll for me to clean mabel. these pictures were taken before they returned. two moments later his little space was filled with mud and mayhem again, as all little misters rooms should be...)

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