Monday, 3 September 2012

a typical day

today is labor day here in canada, and in america too.
the streets were quiet as many folk were away and all the stores were closed.
sadly cc's pa still had to work, so for us it was a typical monday.

cc rode on his pa's shoulders downtown where we bade him farewell at his studios.
in the shade of a willow tree in the park, cc and I settled down to read his treasured 'a balloon for a blunderbuss' storybook.
then he dug for worms with his wooden train and I thumbed through the first memories issue of the lovely vestoj magazine.
the afternoon was filled with home repairs, spray painting a blackboard wall for cc, and cutting out fragile sepia ancestors for a future collage.

cc's words of the moment are topp topp, moos - for moose, and cuds cuds - for when the little mister is in need of a cuddle.

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