Wednesday, 12 September 2012

a date with cc

taking time to sit down inside a cafe is a treat. and not something that happens often with cc in tow. 
though yesterday, after our morning walk, the smell of coffee and baked bread tempted us in to this family run cafe at the end of our street. 
the wooden booths, storybooks and crayons mean cc is content to sit here. 
a seasonal pumpkin muffin was bought for him. a milky coffee for me. and we took home a loaf of their handmade kamut bread to make wonderful toast. 
cc made acquaintances with a french tattooed gentleman sat behind us. attempted to share his muffin with a little brown eyed girl named lucy. then cuddled the dalmatian sat on the front step on our way out.
it might be an extravagance to stop out for coffee so near mabel, but it was a lovely morning and handsome cc made the perfect date. 

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