Wednesday, 29 August 2012

these days

making cardboard moustaches. digging in the backyard mud. 
sharing homemade pancakes while watching the aristocats. this is how we have spent these past few days. we are taking time slow at home, trying not to spend any notes and making creative meals from old leftovers. 
there is an organic store hidden off our street, only a few yards from mabels front stoop. inside is like a tiny cave, scattered with baskets of corn and onions, then rows of wooden shelves stacked high with cider vinegar, tinned chickpeas and seasonings. cc wasn't sure about leaving empty handed, but we will definitely return.

this was cc inside the store, and a row of the tempting vinegar.
one of our cut-out moustaches
and cc playing with toto his dinosaur and my black boots, that remind me of strolling around hackney cobbles back in the day. 

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