Sunday, 26 August 2012

the seaside

traveling to this beach on saturday morning made me stop and appreciate the soul of nova scotia. the forests of towering trees and occasional wooden homes and shacks, made any longings for hackney streets momentarily disappear.
it was a real gathering of young families on the sands, arranged by some lovely friends. ten adults, eight little folk, and two autumn ready baby bumps too. cc's pa swam in the cool ocean, sandcastles were made, shoulder rides enjoyed and picnic's shared. the trip also made us realise how having an automobile of our own could lead to many adventures for us here. there is so much to see and countless road trips to be had.

looking out to sea from the shady tent.
cc taking rides on his pa.
the pa and littlest member of the lovely embree family, who invited us.
cc and his truck.
sandy toes and making castles.
sandcastles and ocean waves.
the woodlands and waving grasses surrounding the beach.
and me and a sleepy cc on the sands, getting ready to head on home.

farewell clam harbour beach and thank you for a lovely time. we hope to see you again soon.

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