Tuesday, 14 August 2012

the carpenter

diesel, sweetened coffee and sawdust. that is how the carpenter smells. he arrived soon after eight this morning and headed straight for the back yard to start fixing up a wooden fence. he has a dented tin toolbox, is a grandfather and has a sturdy frame, as if maybe he used to play rugby. 
cc has taken a shine to him and follows him up and down the narrow path, watching as wood and buckets are ferried to and fro. tugging worms and sticks out from the ground cc then deposited them into the freshly dug holes, filling in ruts sooner than the carpenter could dig them. the oatmeal coloured truck filled with wood out front pleased cc too, as he perched on the veranda and announced to any folk walking by 'trukk trukk see a soo'. 
tomorrow the carpenter will return to continue his work and cc is sure to try and settle into the mud and stones for another morning as a little nova scotian apprentice.  

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