Sunday, 5 August 2012

tales from mabel: two

mabel is still in a muddle, though slowly and steadily we are sorting through. the move wore us all out so much that thankfully our first night spent here was a peaceful one. cc settled down in his new bedroom without a fuss and stayed snoring through the nights natal day fireworks that filled the nova scotian sky. this morning we woke for the first time in a home that we own. it made me feel so content.

some pictures from today:
sifting through books, wooden frames and tins of fabric in the downstairs front room. through the window is the tree that gives us shaded privacy from the street, and our front veranda.
stacking crates that look back onto the dining room.
cc's boots and shoes stored on the hallway windowsill.

this afternoon we had a much needed rest from unpacking and visited friends for an early supper. they are such a wonderful couple who filled us with lemonade and beers, burgers, corn and salads. their little red haired boy caius has made firm friends with cc.
here is caius and his ma in the sunshine.
and the two little mister's and their trucks.

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