Friday, 3 August 2012

farewell tumbledown

tonight is our final sleep in tumbledown. our last night of sinister folk dealing on our doorstep, sirens tonking away and ale fueled happenings from the tin hat gentleman next door. the clementine room is filled with stuffed boxes ready to be heaved onto the truck in the morning. and cc has collapsed in his little bed, worn out from the moving antics.

this was cc inside our new home, mabel, yesterday afternoon. we tugged off all the spotted cream wallpaper in the bedroom. cc was amazed at being allowed to attack the wall and tore away heaps of it, then carried it off to the basement. 
this is a note from the gentleman who lived in the house in 1937, signed and dated paper lining hidden under the wallpaper. such a lovely thing to keep on show.
cc in his red suspenders today, stooped downstairs in the dining room.
cc's pa came to meet us after work and we shared an afternoon picnic on the wooden floorboards. after food and a kiss cc and I returned home to continuing packing and bade our farewells to tumbledown.

thank you for the months we have spent here tumbledown, and for being our first home in nova scotia. it was a real adventure.  

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ines said...

Goodbye tumbledown and hello neighbours!! hopefully see you soon...