Wednesday, 1 August 2012

tales from mabel: one

"sable, mabel, table, mabel..."
cc was repeating these sounds over and over during our stormy walk to the new home this morning. sometimes pausing to stoop down and dig in the mud, or examine the wheels on a truck, then suddenly standing up and shouting "mabel mabel" again. so this is the name for our new wooden home. sturdy, caring, mabel.

today cc and I have been slowly cleaning mabel out ready to do some bits of work before cc's pa heaves our things inside on saturday.
this is the outside from the street. her veranda is surrounded by a miniature woodland.
downstairs are two connecting rooms, one for a lounge and this second one with a fireplace can be for the dining table and cc's small furniture.
the tiny kitchen, with lovely wooden floor, looks down the hallway to the front door.
cc practicing his frown in the bathroom mirror upstairs.
this little space is a back entrance coming in from the garden. here you can see into the kitchen from it.
and back out the door into the untamed garden, filled with onions, mint, poppies and rhubarb plants. all hidden under a forest of thick nova scotian shrubbery.

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