Sunday, 12 August 2012


mabel made us feel all at home in the saturday storms. cc's pa fixed up the secondhand wooden shutters on the front windows, while cc and I scrubbed floors and tugged at the dandelions out back. tuning in to an old sean connery film on netflix, we painted the downstairs rooms a snowy white, then shared cocoa before bed.
today some kind friends and their little girl millie dropped by with house warming gifts to toast our first full weekend living here.
wooden picture frames are resting all around the house. it still feels too soon to tap a nail into the wall. cc's pa isn't sure of the 'clutter' and is all in for the neat and tidy look, whereas I feel more at ease with the topsy turvy, slightly run down style. we will see what happens...

here is a school picture of my nanna, circled on the left, taken at samford arundell in somerset. this copy has been enlarged from the original sepia photograph, and it is very special to me.
more frames resting against the window panes that overlook the soft cream blooms and summery back garden.
mabel's authentic brass doorknob, on our handsome, black front door.
miniature artichokes, sweet tatties and onions gather in brown bags atop the canadian sized fridge.
the back entrance way, with steps leading down to the basement. through the turquoise door is the garden. since we arrived I have been hoping to peel away the colourful paint in this area. cc's pa aims to save it, so we are still deciding what to do here...
and this was cc on saturday, taking shade in the woodlands on our way to a cafe. talking to any passers-by he now adds a 'see-a-soo, see-a-soo' to his farewell, and awaits their warm see you soon reply.

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