Thursday, 9 August 2012

cc's pa's day

today was cc's pa's birthday. though he had to work, work, work, we tried to spend as many moments with him as we could.

breakfast was a cup of smoky tea with homemade vanilla cake, topped with mascarpone and wonderful blueberries.
cc and his pa were a lovely twosome in their suspenders, white tees and black trousers.
settled by the waterfront for a second breakfast of milky coffees and croissants from two if by sea cafe.
cc's pa went to the studio to work and we two met friends on the commons, then trundled home to read peter rabbit on the veranda.
the afternoon was spent felting the backs of tiles, typing letters to dear hackney friends and mending broken sandals. cc strode around the house in his pa's hat, arranging tins of metal biscuit cutters, while swaying to the tunes of monsieur gainsbourg.

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