Sunday, 19 August 2012

cc and his pa

seeing cc and his pa together is always wonderful.
and more so now that his pa works into the night so many times.
cc loves being read to, and settles onto his pa's lap for a story at any chance moment.

this was them, sat in the street beside java cafe, on saturday. this is one of our top cafes and the lovely staff always swoon over cc as he stands on tiptoes to see over the counter.
smokey tea for me and homemade waffles for the boys to share.
cc twirling and knocking books everywhere, then trying to hide himself behind the armchair.
a trip to the maritime museum down by the waterfront. these life size sepia cut-outs of figures from the past were wonderful. it would be nice to fill mabel with cut-outs of our ancestors.
and cc soaking in the warm suds tonight, saying farewell to sunday and another special weekend with his pa.

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