Friday, 31 August 2012

a note from cc

as it is the end of the month I thought I would take over from mama and type a few words to say farewell to august. 
this month was an important one as we moved into our own home. I named her mabel.  she is wooden and so handsome and surrounded by trees that are even older than my two grandpa's. now I am almost twenty two months old I feel that anything is possible. this was my month.

my final snack at tumbledown, our old home that was filled with mice.
my great grandparents settling in on my new bedroom wall here.
found a top side car, then turned away for a bit of a scratch. 
standing in the cool doorway of the freezer until someone sees.
taking many night time soaks in the suds.
helping pa toast his birthday.
perching on a stool, pretend supping milky tea in the park. 
exploring towering nova scotian grasses.
traveling in elevators with ma so I can push the tiny buttons. 
sitting down for mealtimes at my table in our new home. 

so many adventures have happened this month. I think I will remember them for a really long time. 

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