Sunday, 22 July 2012

toots and tea

toots and the maytals on the wireless, cc swinging to and fro to the tunes and a teapot of sweet brew resting on the table. that is how our sunday morning started. and then we took a family walk...

cc sat by the calm ocean this morning.
a wooden home two streets from us that we pass each day. when we moved here it was almost a shack - now the wooden exterior is nearly complete.
cornflowers sprouting up from cracks in the sidewalk. cc's little hands love to pick these.
the final morning to see the tall ships in the harbour and folk waved and cheered as a celebratory parade stomped on by.

now it is eight pm, cc is sleeping soundly and his pa and I are making arrangements for our impending move - to the wooden home we will soon own. the time when we can say farewell to our sinister neighbours and the resident furry trespassers. it will be wonderful.

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