Wednesday, 11 July 2012

toasting today

some of today's happenings:

.cc stomping and a'twirling in the public gardens 
.meeting cc's pa at two if by sea for a midday coffee 
.standing outside our almost new home and feeling disbelief that it will (hopefully) soon be ours
.talking to lovely, long haired I and feeling what a truly top friend she is
.baking banana bread while cc rolled his trucks over my bare toes
.finding a second hand bookstore in the basement of cc's pa's work and leaving with a teal coloured hardback of tender is the night
.cc nestling up with me on the settee to read beatrix potter tales 
.dusting off two wooden crates then preparing them to soon be tiled
.signing then toasting our mortgage documents with a tot or two of wine
.making macaroni cheese with jackie opel's you send me tune on repeat
.feeling a sense of wonder and amazement that we may soon own our very own wooden nova scotian home - who'd have thought it.

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