Wednesday, 18 July 2012

toasted anything

toasted anything. that is cc's staple. granary toast with butter, toasted cheese slices and sweet potato cakes dusted in bread crumbs. sometimes we see other little folk feasting on a whole allotment's worth of lovely, fresh goodness and are filled with terrible anxiety. what if cc will never start trying these foods?
so we carry on, offering clementines and plums, pumpkins and beans, in the hope that one day he will savour them.

side parting cc at breakfast time this morning.
soon after we wandered down to the waterfront to see the tall ships. the shade was so hard to find, though the searing temperatures didn't stop cc from twirling to the beatbox tune, making even the smooth, sneaker-wearing break dancers pause mid move to clap him.
this was our afternoon snack, shared while reading do you want to be my friend? cc adores lions, he makes a rumbling roar in anticipation before the page is turned. and this creature by eric carle is one of the most handsome.
and here is a snap by cc's pa, of the little mister attempting to comb his hair in the bath tub. sleep tight.

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