Friday, 6 July 2012


friday and the trespassers are nesting down for the weekend's antics. they are multiplying at a frightening rate so we are glad to be moving. though we don't yet have a home to move too. the tin hat gentleman next door refused the mouse man entrance to his home, denying the need for help. their musty, seed covered home is the nova scotian answer to grey gardens.
cc has been frowning at the mice noise under his floorboards, and tilting his head to the wood as if to tune into their sounds. he has also been tugging his trousers down in the middle of the supermarket, during walks in the park and on street corners. so we found some miniature black braces, or suspenders as they are named here, to help keep his little bottom covered.

here is cc strutting around in his suspenders and sandals today.
and playing alongside pablo in the afternoon sun.
on the way home we stopped for a coffee and one of cc's favourite zucchini muffins. the stamped take away cups are now sat on top of the freezer and will soon be rinsed out to use as storage for shallots and potted mint.

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