Monday, 9 July 2012

simple days

cc's pa has been working so hard recently, this weekend came as a lovely chance for him and cc to have some gentlemen time. taking walks to the park, sharing buttery toast and reading story books, tale after tale after tale.
cc's words are suddenly coming along. today he has interspersed his tum ta humming with strawberries (sore-brees), tree (teeee), helicopter (corp-ta) plums (um pumms) and crackers (cak-ters). then he'll turn around and say tomorrow or pop corn clear as day.

this was cc early this morning, soaking up the eight o'clock sun while taking a shoulder ride down gottingen street on his pa's way to work.
our simple afternoon snack of croissants and milk, taken on the tiled wooden table while listening to charlie binger's jamaica.
and bath time tonight. since the nova scotian summer has arrived he seems to love submerging himself completely underwater, then rising enough for his little face to bob above and be framed by the chamomile suds.

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ines said...

Picture of C. bobbing in the water is so lovely.