Tuesday, 3 July 2012

one day soon

the second day of this month was an eventful one. cc's pa and I found a home we loved. one that is truly special enough to want to own. so many factors had to fall into place for us to even be able to see this home. somehow though we found it and as soon as we stepped inside we felt that something you feel when you know things are meant to be. there are still many details to sift through, attics and secret cupboards to be investigated, but maybe one day soon cc will be able to stride into that lovely wooden home and know it's his own.

here we are beside the boats on our family expedition last saturday.
this is cc's brown felt bear, alberta, a lovely gift from little v that came all the way to the seaside with us.
and this gentleman digging in the dusk light is one of the two elderly brothers who lives next door. I mentioned his inventive tin foil hat before and wanted to share a glimpse of it.
and finally here was cc in his crimson floored bedroom last night, soaking up the wind from the round humming fan.

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