Tuesday, 31 July 2012

moving home

moving week is finally here! cc and I have been trekking across the bay to dartmouth to meet with the suited lawyer, signing final papers then traveling back to tumbledown to continue packing. 
at tea time yesterday the keys were handed over and our little family officially owned a home. we are setting off there soon to meet a carpenter and clean up ready to move our things in. it is amazing.

cc has been hiding in boxes and helpfully sifting through (better known as throwing around) carefully stacked rows of books. here he was resting in a box on the weekend.
a cheese burger from our a & w take away on sunday, which was so tasty. and cc's stained top after the burger feast.
and cc on the sidewalk yesterday morning on our way to the new wooden home.
we will take some pictures of it soon.

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