Friday, 20 July 2012

home and garden

it seems the world has descended on nova scotia. this morning both downtown halifax and dartmouth, across the bay, were heaving with coffee supping folk lining up to view the notorious tall ships. there seemed to be a hundred too many sweaty gentlemen trampling to see, and so cc and I turned homeward and settled for a day as a twosome instead. no doubt cc's pa will lead us back to see the wonderful wooden boats tomorrow.

so here are some pictures from our sleepy afternoon in home and garden.
this is the back of tumbledown with cc mounting his colourful bicycle.
a sepia collage from my john stezaker collection book, that is filled with his dreamy work.
cc settled on the rug, balancing his mustard and black circus hat.
some mauve coloured flowers cc collected from the street, sat in the kitchen alcove along with the potted sage plant.
and on the dining table a cut out of cc's pa as a toddler sat on his own dad's knee. cc has that same smile and looks like him more and more. 

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