Monday, 16 July 2012

from the weekend

settling cc for sleep these past few nights has been the toughest its been for seasons. suddenly he's no longer content to gently fall asleep after curling up for a fairytale, instead tears are streaming and its hours before he finally nods off. i'd forgotten how all consuming sleepless nights can feel. thankfully this weekend was filled with lovely daytime meet ups to take our mind off it.

this gathering was for cc's friend pablo's third birthday party. his super talented ma made an amazing spread and the park was filled with cheers and shrieks from ball games and water pistols chases.
this was cc kitted out in shorts, stripes and suspenders. he clapped away in the dappled shade before considering his heap of raisins.
here pablo, in navy sandals and light blue polo shirt, and his little folk line up for the amazing homemade chocolate cake.
and this was cc drawing on the road the day before. the two streets near us were closed to traffic for a community street party where teepees were filled for storytimes, stalls sold samosas and ginger beer and residents covered the tarmac with a permanent painted mural. so many wonderful goings on for our sleepy little family of three to attend together. thank you nova scotia.


his little lady said...

aw, hope you get some sleep in there somewhere. but look at these pictures. absolutely adorable!!!
xo TJ

Benlovesting said...

So cute!!