Sunday, 1 July 2012

farewell june

sometimes it feels as if we have been in nova scotia for many seasons. its as if the snowfall in april silenced any thoughts from a time before. that our travels to arrive here happened to another family, not ours.
so we tip our caps to bade farewell to june and the wonder of a new month begins.

this weekend we rented an automobile to set off on some miniature canadian road trips with cc's grandma devon.
here they are shading in the woodlands at chocolate lake.
and this is a handsome dory shop on the coast. it would make a top home on wooden stilts to spy the tattooed sailors from.
here is an antique shakes and sundaes sign that we found in an ice creams and bric a brac store. there were also vintage padlocks, kilim cushions and tapestry covered dining chairs for sale.
and this is cc sat at the table with his seaside hair and his stripey cotton shirt, toasting to the next months wonders.


Vesna said...

It's a wonderful thought, to say farewell to June. I hope Claude said it with a zany tune!
Big kisses from Frida
(still in Bosnia, back in the UK in a week, where apparently a little parcel from Canada awaits!)

claude le traveller said...

hope you are having wonderful times there together and that frida is having a top adventure. we miss you. cc sends super muddy kisses too.