Wednesday, 27 June 2012

wonderful offerings

these past few days our little family has been super lucky.
it started with the arrival of cc's grandma devon, who is staying here at tumbledown for a few weeks. her suitcase was filled with lovely gifts for us all. cc thinks its a magical case as each time its unzipped he finds another tiny truck or story book.

this brown and cream earthenware vase was made by a ceramics student at the nova scotia art school. cc's grandma devon found it for me at the seeds gallery store, where they sell their wares, down by the waterfront. behind the vase is a storage crate, tiled with a sepia picture of cc's great nanna and her dog ship, taken on comberton hill in dorset eighty years ago.
and here is cc opening another lovely package in the wood stove room. the blue paper was filled with clothes sent from his other set of grandparents, who have helped us so very much words truly cannot ever thank them enough.

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