Tuesday, 19 June 2012

tiring days

cc should have fallen asleep ages ago. its almost dark and the streets are temporarily still. despite this cc's humming and tat ta tats on the side of his bed are still filling the house. it seems hard to induce rest on summer nights. though we have spent days chasing butterflies around shrubs in the garden, scrambled around with friends on the common and wandered through the dappled terraces for hours, when it comes to sleep the muggy air is hard to shake off.

this was cc a few days ago, taking a moment to unwind and shelter from the sunshine on his pa's comforting shoulder.
and here is a strange sign for a meat company called brothers that is around the corner from us. there is something about the mammoth sausage shaped sign that is unsettling. and once darkness falls it lights up, so from afar it seems as if there is a canadian sausage soaring under the stars.

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