Sunday, 10 June 2012

sifting through

tins of found photographs, newspaper cuttings and torn out pictures traveled with us from hackney to nova scotia. sometimes it seems silly of me to store these around the house, damp from the nova scotian air and hardly looked at. then moments come like today, when cc snoozes, cc's pa is busy mending things, and I can start sifting through tin after tin to unearth some long forgotten pieces.

this lovely picture of an indian girl was taken by frida kahlo sixty years ago. it was torn from an article on the book frida kahlo: photographs of myself and others.
here is a stack of newspaper cuttings still to trawl through, stored in tiled wooden crates in the clementine room.
and cc in his angora hat and rain coat on fuller terrace early this morning. the mossy holes in this tree trunk are home to all sorts of shiny insects to stop him in his tracks.

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