Saturday, 23 June 2012

mountains and molehills

the gentleman next door has a sheet of tin foil taped to his head. it is molded around a polystyrene cycling helmet that he constantly wears. the tape is secured over the tin and stuck directly to the stubble under his chin. he also wears multiple sweaters at a time, and tapes dustbin bags around his boots. this sounds like a tale, but it is completely true. he shares a house with his ginger ale sipping brother, who I mentioned in april. we talk mostly about the trespassers, who burrow from their home to ours. they say we are making a mountain out of a molehill, whilst sweeping aside the sea of bird seed and mice droppings that cover their floor. so we started to think about moving home, to somewhere without trespassers.

cc's grandma devon is staying at the moment so we have been out walking alot. these wooden homes we passed are on brunswick street. they form a square behind the neat fence and have a shared garden hidden in the middle. the cornflower blue window and door frames and sash windows look lovely.
here is cc mid skip on a cobbled path on black street, on our way home from a park. the north end of halifax has so many wonderful terraces and streets to discover and treasures to find. if only these gentlemen next door would agree to help deter trespassers then we could happily stay.


Anonymous said...

Have you tried peppermint oil to deter the invaders? Leaving cottonwool balls soaked in oil in the corners and near obvious holes makes your house smell like an old sweet shop but it worked for us!

Vesna said...

This made me laugh, the two old oddballs who no doubt like the idea of mice running around. Perhaps moving house will be a better idea indeed! Big kisses!