Tuesday, 5 June 2012

inside downstairs tumbledown


canadian tire made me anxious when we first moved here. their stores are so huge and cc always disappeared amidst sacks of compost and industrial metal stoves. then we found their decorating desk and made acquaintances with ted, a muscular gentleman who taps out tunes as he tints the paint, and soon we were trekking to and from the store trailing tins and brushes to do-up tumbledown.

here is the freshly painted kitchen. it feels dated with the dented stove and checkered lino, which makes the white walls feel amber. the walls and cabinets were lime green when we moved in. through the kitchen pass is the little dining room which peeks out onto the garden.
the second picture shows the wood room. it was all brown with coffee coloured walls, the timber floor and stacks of logs next to the wood stove. the snowy walls with our collected objects hung up make it feel like a totally different space.  
then through the doorway there is the clementine room. it is at the front of the house and soaks in the sinister tootings on the street outside. cc settles down on the tapestry carpet and hums the morning away. next week we will tackle the upstairs, and make the trek to see ted once more.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps Frida, Rafa and I can squeeze in when we come and visit one day. What an incredible cutie cc is. We miss you in London and I've just caught up with your blog. Loving the pictures, keep it going!
Big love,

claude le traveller said...

lovely vesna, it has suddenly arrived! we hope you three can come and visit one day. cc and frida can snooze in his bed together. x