Thursday, 14 June 2012

clem the cowboy

this is clem. his full name is clemens dark junior, named after his pa, clemens senior. clem and his little brother seth, who is tucked up in the cart, live on their grandpas farm. there are six of them living in the wooden house. 
clem suffers from his pa's short temper, and gets headaches when a storm is coming. his family are strict on him. he can't read or write and spends his days turning the turf and pulling tatties. all the while he day dreams about what he'll be when he turns into a gentleman. 

clem has high hopes of hitching on the wagon to town to steal a handsome chestnut horse. he wants to wear a suede waistcoat, to carry a rope lasso and feel the metal of a pistol tucked into his trouser top. he wants to ride the horse across hundreds of miles and to know that wherever they are headed folk will see the dust pass on by and say 'there goes that daring cowboy clem. I sure hope someday to meet him.' clem will miss seth, but he is sure the adventure will be worth it. 


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say there is somebody out here who is really loving your exotic tales and poring over your gothic photos and wondering where your planet is. Fab, fab, fab.

claude le traveller said...

thank you so much for sharing that with me, it has raised my spirits no end. so pleased you are enjoying.