Sunday, 17 June 2012

cider song

the sinister happenings and tootings of dollars that take place outside tumbledown are on the rise. sirens disturb the muggy nights and the sound of cider song and tins rattling down the sidewalk made it hard to rest. 
the trespassers are trying to return too with their telling scuttling and scratching. cc is unaware of these disturbances and cc's pa is too relaxed to mind, so I'm filling the dusk with tales from george eliot and making tiled wooden things to sell.

here is an adventurous cc, hiding in some bushes on our morning walk today. he soon abandoned the old coffee cup and sifted through the mud to select two sticks. 
this small wooden stool would make a lovely table for little folk like cc. it was a saturday find from a nearby antiques store. the curved edges and second shelf underneath make it feel special. soon I will measure it up to transform the top with tiles.
and here is my faded copy of silas marner, that was found in a seaside store in dorset, train carried on to hackney and finally shipped out to this sinister street in nova scotia. 

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