Tuesday, 8 May 2012

tuesday fog

nova scotian fog moves so swiftly. it turned from a warm spring morning down by the waterfront to thick mist in a moment. it really tumbles in from the ocean. so cc abandoned waving to the fishermen in their colourful boats and we set off home to bake.

this wooden box sits next to the stove. it is filled with small cards of recipes I like to make, or want to try. it suits me much more than storing many different recipe books. and I always look forward to sitting down at the typewriter to add some more to the collection.
and this rope and wood creation was a find from an antiques shop on mc'cully, a dark street a short walk from us. it was covered with damp dust and still smells of tobacco smoke from the musty shop. after a wipe off I think it is lovely. it hangs on the white walls of our clementine room and cc keeps trying to pull it off the nail. and here is cc, squinting and munching and humming on his ride home.

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