Tuesday, 1 May 2012

tuesday elevenses

the tradition of taking tea and cake at eleven in the morning was one my grandparents always upheld. though theirs would normally consist of two cups of steaming coffee and some homemade fruitcake, made by grandma virtue. grandad jim would come in from tending the garden, dead on eleven o'clock. they would settle in their two matching chairs by the old stove and time would stand still for a moment.

cc and I tend to love elevenses too and this was his today - a slice of super simple homemade banana and sultana bread and a cup of milk. cc ate all the bread, he loves that bread, and fed some to toto the dinosaur too.
following elevenses cc climbs the worn out wooden stairs and we curl up in his teepee and read a storybook. this morning he picked the three robbers, the tomi ungerer tale of a band of caped highwaymen who wear wonderfully tall hats. the hope is that cc will then have his snooze and I can scamper back downstairs. today was a success as cc snored away, so I turned on some old lena horne tunes and spent time trying to mend these leather boots, which cc wears nonstop. they have strolled from hackney soil to halifax snow, and it would be lovely for them to keep on strolling.

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