Thursday, 3 May 2012

a trespasser

there is a trespasser here, hiding in the attic. cc's pa was awake half the night with all the scuttling and scratching. then we heard him inside the wall and the sound of wood and bits falling as he scrambled up. it is unsettling having this furry trespasser. tiring too. hopefully the gentleman with all the traps will come in the morning and catch it.
cc was woken by the trespasser too. he has been in fine spirits today though. here he is sat at the table chomping his way through some sweet potato cakes. his wavy hair is getting long. it will need its first trim soon, though i feel sad to do it. 
this is cc's tummy after the potato cakes. his thick cardigan was a steal, only five pounds at chatsworth market and he wore it all winter. it has wonderful round buttons down the front that match his red wooden floor. 

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