Tuesday, 22 May 2012

host bobby

this morning is super wet. storm clouds have been hovering since dawn and now the sound of thundering rain is filling tumbledown. cc is annoyed that its too wet to go outside. he won't snooze and tossed his two slices of toast under the stove in defiance.

this picture of cc on his pa's shoulders was taken yesterday. it was eight in the morning and the sky was already an amazing indigo blue. cc wandered down a driveway at the corner of bilby street and stumbled across these kooky wooden cabinets in someone's back yard. although we were trespassing the creation looked so bizarre i couldn't resist having a look. hidden inside one of them was an old metal microphone, the type you see on vintage american game shows. 'karaoke by your host bobby' is written in bronze crayon on the right hand side cabinet and trinkets nestled around it. cc's pa was dying to go before 'host bobby' discovered us in his yard. i wonder what type of character bobby is, and what tunes are in his secret set.

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