Tuesday, 15 May 2012

tawny tuesday

seeing cc's pa's family in america was lovely. although the gathering was for a sad occasion it turned into a wonderful opportunity for many family to finally meet cc. the motor car ride to and fro seemed to take forever, winding through dense woodlands, smooth lakes and tumbling wooden homes. cc's pa sang frero jaqo for miles and miles, then we tuned in to claude vasori's kooky folk music and cc jigged away on the back seat. 

here is a miniature wooden horse that cc's great grandpa carried back from his travels almost sixty years ago. it was one of a set, maybe the norwegian equivalent to russian dolls? it is sat on a small tiled table I made from a sepia family photograph. the tiny size of the horse fits snug into cc's fist where it stayed all the ride home. the tawny colour matches the cardigan cc is wearing today, and also his auburn hair. if today was to be a colour it would be a tawny tuesday.

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