Friday, 25 May 2012

tales of nova scotia

there is a wonderful tattoo-ed gentleman who is often sat down by the waterfront. sometimes he sucks a tune on a mouth organ, sometimes he simply taps his rhythm with two sticks. he always doffs his cap to cc who likes to add small stones, instead of coins, to his open trunk. his name is cyril. meeting him made me realise that its such folk that make nova scotia what it is. it made me want to document their tales and make something from it.

this is the takeaway bag from 'two if by sea'. they have two tiny cafes, one either side of the bay. their logo is so delicate. it could be a vintage tattoo, set beneath an anchor on a tanned arm.
and here is cc, taking shade on a tree lined street as he watched two mechanics trying to fix an old truck. 

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