Sunday, 27 May 2012

still trespassing

cc's pa and I were sat on the settee tonight when more furry trespassers suddenly appeared. all our efforts at keeping them at bay seem to fail. maybe I should bundle up cc and part from these nova scotian rodents for good. it is unsettling unsettling unsettling.

here is cc by the backdoor, taken this morning with his courgette and chocolate muffin smile.
this wooden home is on fuller terrace. the amazing tumbling garden is hidden at the back and is a world within itself. it is such a treat to walk past and wonder at what is hidden within the foliage, perhaps a hedgehog or two rubbing noses by the cornflowers, or maybe a sleepy canadian tortoise.
and here is the wooden floor of a nearby interiors store. from a distance it seems to be mosaic tiles, it is only when you step inside you see it is actually all hand painted on.

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