Sunday, 20 May 2012

fuller terrace

fuller terrace is two rows away from our street. there are some real traditional wooden homes there with stone steps and wonderful chimneys, then mixed in are some completely modern ones too that have been transformed with tumbling gardens and wide square windows. the terrace is dotted with canadian trees and feels so secure with none of the sinister tootings that happen on our street. 

on saturday morning we passed this yard sale there. the fold up tables were covered with all sorts for sale - tin camping cups, a dart board and some old film cameras. cc spotted a ball with crimson stitching and i found a touch type manual with accompanying records. they came to six dollars. 
cc's pa took this picture of cc out walking today. the temperature was soaring and its only may. cc looked a real mister in his cedar hat and grandad shirt stomping across the cobble stones. 

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