Saturday, 5 May 2012

canada time

canada has been kind to us so far

.cc is content sitting on the back step surveying his garden. it is wonderful for him to have space and clean air

.managing to rent a whole house with a staircase and many rooms and finding the time to do it up slowly. to make it suit us completely

.meeting kind, generous i when we first arrived and seeing how affectionate her youngest boy pablo is with cc

.making sweet potato cakes and chorizo stew while listening to the noel coward revue

.staying up late with cc's pa to paint the clementine room white then seeing how fresh and new it looks the next morning

.coffee and a warm buttery croissant, served on a tartan napkin, at the tiny two if by sea cafe

.the sunday morning stroll to java cafe to share a chocolate and zucchini muffin

.finding the time to write again. to be at the typewriter. to design tiles. to think about buying a kiln for the shed and all the wonderful possibilities

.seeking out the world of interiors and apartamento magazine at atlantic news

.meeting some friendly, interesting folk from the community and realising its not such a sinister area if you are sensible

.and cc. cc sleeping more. cc tat tat tatting his tune and twirling with his arms out. cc walking so much. cc's determined frown. cc altering all the time and starting to settle into canadian ways

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