Tuesday, 24 April 2012

the turtle and the tile


this is george and hilda - cc's great grandparents. the sepia cut-out images are stuck to cc's bedroom wall, next to his tiny bed. I like to think they are watching over him as he rests. the wooden floor is crimson red and seems to suit all of cc's multi-coloured things. 
here is the back yard, with cc in his navy blue raincoat, and the wonderful shed. it is half filled with cut wood for the burner, and scattered with old cigarette boxes, darts and a dartboard. a timber work surface runs down one side with tiny drawers underneath. it would make a perfect space for me to set up a kiln in for making the tiles. 
and here is a tile, a spare one from a stool I covered. it is tiny so works as a coaster for cc. the turtle padlock is solid metal and was a find during my final trip to the spitalfields antiques market, so it makes me think of home. 

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