Sunday, 29 April 2012

a sunday stroll

tumbledown is on the corner of two supposedly sinister streets, notorious for the tooting of substances and after dark activities - the type gentlemen slow down in their automobiles for. cc's pa said maybe moving here from hackney did us good, as almost anything seems the norm. thankfully by morning time the sirens are silent and the streets are owned by small folk like cc.

here is cc with his scuffed boots and striped socks in the park. he walks so far now on his sturdy little legs. this wooden house is not tumbledown, it is a few blocks away from us on a more refined street. there is something about this home that always makes me pause for a moment to look at it and wonder who lives there. maybe someone neat. 
and this is a ballet book from the fifties. I am not normally into ballet, but bought a collection of these at an outdoor saturday market a few years ago and have recently started reading some of the descriptions inside to cc as he struts about. the spirited gentleman's pose is so grand - they look like they could be having a wonderful sunday adventure. 

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