Sunday, 22 April 2012

stormy weekend

the clementine room is still clementine coloured. my hopes of finding time to paint it this weekend slipped away and now it is falling dark already. cc is unsettled. he has been stomping around on the wooden floorboards and turning the handle of the woodburner so the cinders fall out. his hair is super curly from the storm.

this was cc on saturday morning, standing in the garden by the magnolia blossom. then the storm clouds arrived, cc had a snooze and cc's pa set out to collect groceries. 
the woodburner is in the downstairs room we spend the most time in - the space between the clementine room and the kitchen. two piles of cut wood are heaped in the alcove next to it and my two tiled wooden crates sit to the right. 
cc's drum and our books are in the other alcove and on the wall is the wooden insert to an old cutlery drawer that I found in the shed. it is a neat size, so I hammered some small nails into the back to turn it into storage for cc's hat and boots. wonderful what can be salvaged from a shed.

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M said...

Oh! to have the Lydia foresight to see the potential of an old disused cutlery drawer insert...amazing! Love it and you and cc xx M