Thursday, 26 April 2012

meeting and sweeping

cigarettes and ginger ale. that is how the gentleman next door smells. his home is smoky and dim and filled with newspapers. it needs repairing, inside and out, though cc didn't mind a bit and wandered straight in. he told us he is eighty eight and that his was 'one of the first black families to move onto the street'. he seemed really proud. he has wonderful dark brown eyes. sometimes at night we hear the jazz tunes from his wireless.

here is the view from our landing window. cc's pa's pa made the framed artwork, and the cut-out is of my grandparents wedding day. through the window you can see the wood slowly falling from the house next door.
and this is cc with his fox tail on, helping to sweep out the shed. hidden at the back, behind the timber, i found a wooden mantlepiece. it is in two parts but should fit back together and would look lovely in the clementine room.
and we have been asked to a dinner by a lovely family we met when we first came to see tumbledown. their house is purple and sits around the corner a few streets away. they have two boys and two cats which means cc can have fun with other little folk.


Vesna said...

What a wonderful house and what a super fox tail Claude has... Frida would love one of those, so she can chase the chickens at Hackney City Farm with Claude he is back.

claude le traveller said...

he would like that very much. they would stoop and chat to the chicks and search for worms in the mud!

Anonymous said...

some tale !!