Friday, 20 April 2012

settling in

it took time for me to settle into the thought of a blog, and time to slowly ease into canadian ways. i suppose i move at the rate of a tortoise. now, one month into the mammoth move, this site is here, to document the adventures of cc, cc's pa and me - and our slightly tumbledown wooden home in halifax, nova scotia.

here are two pictures from today. this is cc in his soft grey hat and sturdy brown boots. he strolled happily around the public gardens, filling his cardigan pockets with damp stones and squatting down to talk with passing ducks. 

and this is cc's treasured item, a cardboard dinosaur he snuck off the shelf in an art store. it is sitting on my old underwood typewriter in our clementine room, which we hope to paint white tomorrow. the dinosaur is called toto. 

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Lois & Martha said...

dearest Claude, what a wonderful start to settling in to your new home...and having a base in cyberspace too! we subscribe to you!!